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Territory Sales

Ella Kennedy
800-444-2950 ext. 1218
Kentucky, Tennessee
Sarah Logsdon
800-444-2950 ext. 1216
Ohio, West Virginia
Tifany Stewart
800-444-2950 ext. 1179
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska
Jennifer Ables
800-444-2950 ext. 1158
Roni Montgomery
800-444-2950 ext. 1152
Wisconsin, Iowa
Breanna Epperson
800-444-2950 ext. 1186
Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Teresa Mckinnie
800-444-2950 ext. 1234

Out-of-Territory Sales

Out of Territory Requests
Ryan Dold
800.444.2950 ext. 1217

All Territory Sales

Bid Specialist/All Territories
Crystal Laasanen
800.444.2950 ext. 1247
Bid Specialist/All Territories
Kelsie Mcmahel
800.444.2950 ext. 1171