870 MCS Modular Combat Complete System

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The asymmetrical nature of the modern battlefield has redefined the role of the shotgun for today's soldier. The greater need for versatility, durability and reliability has made current military shotgun offerings obsolete. Remington has responded to these changing needs with a Combat Shotgun System that provides unmatched operator-level modularity in the Model 870 Modular Combat Shotgun (MCS). For the first time ever, operators can assemble a shotgun system with unheard-of speed and without tools to match unfolding tactical situations. With the MCS a soldier can assemble the system as an Accessory Weapon, a Ballistic Breaching Tool, a CQB Weapon or a High-Capacity Conventional Shotgun. Breaching Weapon Tactical Entry/CQB Weapon High-Capacity Conventional Weapon Accessory Weapon* The Remington MCS provides many unique advantages, including the consolidation of multiple military shotgun needs in a single weapons system. Included with the complete MCS System: SIMPLICITY DURABILITY RELIABILITY The option to configure the weapon as: An ACCESSORY SHOTGUN A BREACHING WEAPON A TACTICAL ENTRY or CQB WEAPON A HIGH CAPACITY CONVENTIONAL WEAPON Remington’s proprietary REM®LOC Quick-Change stock system FOUR, SIX OR SEVEN SHOT CAPACITY A custom designed DISCREET PROTECTIVE WEAPONS CASE that provides: FAST ACCESS TO ALL OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES And INVENTORY CONTROL The capability to fire MULTIPLE AMMUNITION SIZES & TYPES including: BREACHING ROUNDS BUCKSHOT, including Remington’s hard hitting HEVISHOT and FRANGIBLE OO BUCK SLUGS, including Remington’s standard 1 OZ LEAD slugs, LOW RECOIL SLUGS and SOLID COPPER SABOTS NON-LETHAL MUNITIONS An ACCESSORY RAIL for optics A TACTICAL SLING A CLEANING ROD Assembly TWO DETACHABLE AMMUNITION CARRIERS FOUR CHOKE TUBE OPTIONS | *Accessory Rail Adapter Not Included With MCS System. Adapter Sold Separately. |

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