Combat Lifesaver Kit (TMK-CL) W/CAT ONLY

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Combat Lifesaver (TMKTM-CL)

The TMKTM-CL contains essentials for a combat lifesaver to administer medical attention. Room to add your preferred hemostatic agent (Celox, Hemcon or QuikClot) and 1 or 2 500mL IV bags.

The pack for combat lifesaver medics. The TMKTM-CL Pack features four draw cord pockets and two large VELCRO® closure pockets. It features a removeable pouch that has numerous elastic loops on one side, a large clear zipper close pocket on the other side and a large VELCRO® closure pocket between the two. There are two internal retention straps that allow users to open the kit while on their waist  or shoulder without it falling open. Carry handles or a concealable waist strap system allow for easy transport of the pack either on one's back or front. Waist strap doubles as a shoulder strap for quick mobility and transfer of the pack. Also features 4 snap closures on one side for attachment to another pack or system.

Pack is made of Rugged Durable Cordura fabric and large YKK zippers. MOLLE compatible.

MOLLE - MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment


4   Tactical Defender Gloves, Large, OD
2   SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide, 1.5"
2   Naso Airway, 28Fr
2   Surgilube, 3gr
2   Decompression Needle, 14g x 3.25" 
1   Bolin Chest Seal
1   Halo Seal (2/pkg)
    2   Nitrile Gloves, OD, Large
    1   ChloraPrep Swab (for IV site)
    1   Alcohol Swab (for Saline Lock)
    1   Latex-Free Tourniquet
    2   IV Catheter, 18g
    1   Saline Lock with Extension (Needle)
    1   Clave Saline Lock with Extension (Needleless for use with Coil-IV)
    1   Coil-IV Admin Set, 10 Drop
    1   Syringe, 10cc
    1   Needle, 18g x 1.5"
    1   Tegaderm
1   EMT Shears, 7.5"
1   Durapore Tape, 1"
1   Duct Tape, 2" x 5yd
4   Primed Compressed Gauze
1   Olaes Modular Bandage, 4"
1   CoFlex UMAFD, 4" Wrap
1   Blast Bandage
1   ChloraPrep Applicator, 10.5mL
1   SAM Splint, Gray
1   Triage Card
1   Tactical Combat Casualty Response Card
1   TMK-CL Pouch

TMK-CL Full Kit in Pack: 12" x 9" x 8". 4 lb. 14 oz.
TMK-CL Refill Kit (Contents Only): 2 lb. 13 oz.

Available in ACU, Black, Coyote Tan and OD.

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