Monadnock® AutoLock® PATROL KITS

Item ID: 9330

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For FEDERAL EXCISE TAX EXEMPT-OUT Law Enforcement or Agency purchases, please request price.

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  • Added savings with three amazing tools in one complete package
    • »» AutoLock® 22” Black Chrome Expandable Baton
    • »» Bright hard coat Hindi Baton Cap™
    • »» Front Draw® Holder made of durable polycarbonate with a clip-on attachment
  • Choose from 360° or 45° swivel locking holder models
  • Hindi Baton Cap™ adds baton retention and officer confidence
  • Choose Foam Grip or Super Grip®
  • Includes Power Safety Tip® providing larger, more effective striking force
Description 360° Part No. 45° Part No. Grip Holder
AutoLock®, 22”, BC, Power Safety Tip®, Hindi Baton Cap™ 9330 9334 Foam Grip Plain
AutoLock, 22”, BC, Power Safety Tip, Hindi Baton Cap 9352 9354 Super Grip® Plain

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